“Andrew Scripter’s Instruction Manual for Giant Tents is an immersive mural inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s 1969 manifesto Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. Each wall of the installation unfolds before a viewer like the pages of a gigantic how-to guide, deploying diagramatic composition, isotropic perspective, and architectural forms that trigger both a familiar intuition and a bizarre curiosity. In taffy pastel hues popped with deep purple lines and halftones, Scripter illustrates his meditations on the basic shapes and structures of society, exploring in panoramic visuals the systems theory and futurist impulses that defined Fuller’s oeuvre. While this is Scripter’s first foray into large-scale painting, his skill with geometric linework, vibrational perspective, and seductive color palettes are emboldened here, clearly honed from years of prolific print practice. “ 

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